Friday, July 6, 2012


I am going to take some liberty with and expand on one of my friends postings on Facebook and say, "Monday felt like Monday, Tuesday felt like Friday, Wednesday felt like Sunday, Thursday felt like Monday, but FRIDAY feels like FRIDAY!!!" The "The Bangles" sing "I wish it were Sunday 'cause that's my funday" in their hit song  "Manic Monday", but Friday is my funday, my I don't have to runday. What is your funday, your I don't have to runday, and what are you going to do on your funday this week? I will be spending my funday doing some cabinet transformations in my kitchen! I don't know how fun it will be but it will be lots of fun when it is all done!

Friday's Fun Factoid: The "The Bangles" have a new album, ""Sweetheart of the Sun", and are going on tour! For all my 80's ladies, how fun would it be to go check out that concert...dressed in our 80's best?

My favorite ladies in thier 80's best!

Rockin' the NKOTB sleeping bag.

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