Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Favorite Things!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (or dogs). Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens (or scarves). Brown paper packages (or any color packages) tied up with strings (or ribbons). These are a few of my favorite things. Who doesn't love that song, "My Favorite Things", from "The Sound of Music"? As my friends know I have countless favorite things and get my friends together around Christmas so we can all share some of our favorite things from makeup, movies, music and games to wine, beer and food with each other. Unfortunately, the holidays and my favorite girls night of the year is still several months away from today, but one of my favorite things is more fitting for barbecue season. Lucky you, I am going to share with you my favorite meal made by the world's best mom, which I get to claim as my own. My favorite meal consists of country style barbecue ribs. For those of you unfamiliar with county style barbecue ribs they are ribs that have a lot more meat on them than the typical spareribs. I love them slathered up with my mom's semi-homemade BBQ sauce. Sandra Lee has nothing on my mom, Toni Helmer. (Click here for her website where you can find the goodies that make her everyone's favorite too!) Mom's BBQ sauce is store bought BBQ sauce with the addition of beer (it's only natural to involve beer in BBQ'g), and honey. Next up, is the linguine salad. This is not your ordinary pasta salad. It has the standard ingredients: tomato, onion, cucumber, and Italian dressing, but there is also a secret ingredient. Unfortunately, the secret ingredient is only for my followers. If you want to know how to step up your pasta salad and want to be the hero of the next BBQ I guess you should follow me. The last, but certainly not least, component are the salt potatoes. Again, the salt potatoes are basic, but like Paula, my mom knows everything is made better with butter and lots of it, and like any good Italian woman, my mom loads those salt potatoes with garlic (another favorite thing of mine). After you mix the butter, garlic and salt potatoes together, smash them up a bit. I hope you enjoy my favorite meal. Don't forget to invite me to your BBQ.

We all have those foods that make us think of those we love. This is the meal that does that for me. When I make this meal for myself, it always makes me think of my mom. It also usually involves me calling her to see if I am making the ribs the right way. No matter how many times I make these foods myself they are never as good as when my mom makes them for me. Maybe, her really special ingredient is love! I'm glad she's shared that with me all these years. I'm a lucky girl for sure.

Leave me a comment about your favorite meal that a loved one prepares especially for you!

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