Wednesday, July 4, 2012

James Taylor

Last night's fun was spending the evening with one of my favorite couple's, the O'Brien's, while listening to music legend, James Taylor, at Tanglewood. For me the adventure was in finding a place to park ourselves for the night; finding some dinner; and seeing the spreads (including centerpieces and candles) people had for the show. I'm sure the adventurous part for Jeremy was his first ride as a passenger in a vehicle driven by me. No doubt, he now knows how I got that speeding ticket in his minivan!  Hopefully, he will still let Julie ride in a vehicle in which I am the driver. Over the course of the night, however, I did have a revelation and it will be part of the cocktail concoction I'm giving you today! Today's tip is...drumroll please...the secret to super good sangria (particularly, white sangria) is gingerale. Whip up some Peachy White Sangria  (Jeremy gets the credit for this cocktail concoction!) for your 4th of July party today.

Peachy White Sangria
· Chardonnay
· Gingerale
· Peach Schnapps
· Mangos, Kiwis, Oranges, Peaches
Mix as much or as little as you would like of the above ingredients! Experiment and Enjoy!
Enjoying some Peachy White Sangria in our red Solo cups!
The O'Brien's

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