Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tee Time!

If you are looking for a new place to improve your golf game, try Schenectady Municipal Golf Course. If I only had one word to describe it the word would be "hilly." Thankfully, I can use as many words as I want since I'm the owner of this blog. Schenectady Muni as it is referred to is an 18 hole regulation course tucked away off of Route 7. I started playing as a sub on a women's league there this year! I think next year, I'll try to get in on the league as a full fledged member since the ladies are so nice...and patient. The grounds are well maintained despite the best efforts of the geese that congregate on several of the holes. There are great big open fairways, which are always nice when you have a tendency to hit curve balls. It also has huge greens, which present obstacles, but opportunities for improvement, for impatient putters like myself. Every few holes you do get some reprieve with a par 3 hole. If you are like me and take as many strokes in a 9 hole round as some people do in an 18 hole round, you cannot wait for the break provided by a par 3 hole. I know the suspense maybe killing you, but I will answer the question you have all been dying to know.... Yes, there is a beer (soda, snack) cart that comes around to ensure you stay hydrated. I beg you, however, if you are going to partake in the beer aspect of the snack cart, do so responsibly. DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!

Extra: I haven't given you any food ideas in a few days so it's about time I shared some with you. Many of you golf on leagues right after work so you need a snack to hold you over until dinner. I recently made my own trail mix for my backpacking trip and it was delish. It's the perfect hold you over snack out on the course. Check it out below:

Sinfully Sweet Trail Mix

*Butterscotch Chips
*Mini Marshmallows
*Milk Chocolate Chips
*Gatherers Granola Squirrel Bait Granola made of pecans, maple syrup, and coconut (I purchased this at the Schenectady Greenmarket.)
*Our Daily Eats Sweet Maple and Sea Salt Pecans (Also from the Schenectady Greenmarket.)

There are no amounts listed because you make it the way you like it. If you don't live in the area and are eager to try the delicious products listed above, click on the links above and order away! Otherwise, use your imagination and your pantry for inspiration to create your own sinfully sweet trail mix.

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