Friday, July 13, 2012

Kickball Games #2 & #3

It was a double header! The UI Freaks came so so close to winning this week, but no cigar. In our first game of the double header, we played the Alcoballics and lost by a single run, with the final score being 10-9. In our second game against Cool Runnings, despite our energy beginning to run low and injuries beginning to run high, we held our own. At the end we were tied 6-6, which resulted in two extra innings. Ultimately, we lost again by a single run. Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge and understanding of the rules may have contributed to one of the earlier runs that cost us the game. Fortunately for me, however, I got a little more action this week by playing catcher for both games. Plus, I was also able to run around a little more by actually making it past first base, all the way to third base a couple times. (Of course, not in one shot!) Next week I'm shooting for scoring a run.

Some of the most appealing moments of the night came from the eye candy presented by our opponents! I can understand how a woman could turn into a Cougar. Those twenty-five year old men are definitely attractive. The fact that they are friendly just makes them that much better. Speaking of Cougars, my fellow Cougar friend, Stacey, and I, had to laugh when one of our teammates (again a man in his twenties) said "You must have hated that song, 'Stacy's Mom', when you were growing up." Now, keep in mind my friend Stacey, is 38, and Fountains of Wayne released "Stacy's Mom" in 2003, i.e. Stacey was 29 and I'm sure all grown up!

In Honor or Stacey (who did score a run), who "...has got it goin' on" enjoy the video.

Friday's Fun Factoid (unrelated to kickball): Today is Friday the 13th! Click here to find out more on the origin, history, and folklore behind the most widespread superstition that is Friday the 13th!


  1. Are we really Cougars? I thought the admission age for card carrying cougars was 40? I may be an apprectice cougar as such, this kickball league is an opportunity to hone my hunting skills...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!And I am still resentful that my MOM gets a song and I am passed over. But then again I do carry half her DNA, so by default I kinda got it going on...

  2. We may not be cougars, but it sounded good! LOL. You have definitely got it going on.